Dear future WABIP EBUS Master,

lung cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers world-wide. The role of diagnostic EBUS for precise systematic lung cancer staging is nowadays indisputable. In the era of personalized medicine, precision diagnostics of lung cancer including molecular diagnostics from brochoscopic tissues have become state of the art.

Precision starts with precision imaging, continues with precision diagnostics and ends with precision treatment. Interventional pulmonologists are an important link between imaging and treatment.

In this EBUS Master Class, you will be given an insight into the latest developments in EBUS-bronchoscopy, will experience live demonstrations and will get a unique chance to test and improve your skills in two days of hands-on training.

You will have the great opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of current aspects of lung cancer staging and treatment from the perspective of interventional pulmonology, thoracic surgery, nuclear medicine, medical oncology and pathology.

You will meet participants from all over the world working on improving lung cancer staging and treatment every day. Our networking breaks and dinner will give each of you the chance to interact with all participants and international faculty.

We look forward to welcome you to Essen.

Filiz Oezkan, Jane Winantea